“Till death do us part” you are your husband’s life line, Remember that!!

Smitten crazy by your better half? It’s great, after all your partners are your “support systems”. They hold your hand through the sea of life. Living together means “singing in tandem” and “supporting each other unconditionally”, but hey there, are you doing your bit?

Are you being your husband’s support system? Go for some smooth “relationship” sailing, clasped tightly in your partner’s heart!!

Take over the home front

Times are changing and lifestyle has turned out to be whopping expensive. It’s a tough deal to manage all ends without both the partners contributing to the family pocket. Contributing financially helps maintain the emotional solidarity amongst the two. But what if you are not in the working genre? You can still do your bit. Grab the home fort strongly and make sure he gets a respite from the petty hassles at home. Rush and pay off the bills yourself, get the repair work done on your own, and give him a relaxing surprise- He doesn’t have to go and do it!!

Financial support

Be prepared to chip in for a stop gap arrangement! In these recession hit times, job insecurity hits you big time. If your partner faces “job doldrums” he will feel “mildly secure” if you are his back up. The household details should not bother him at all!

Be aware of latest on vocations and careers

Do you desire respect from your partner? Get knowledgeable about career opportunities. Take a strong interest in your partner’s career. He will surely look upon you with respect if you give him your valuable career advice.

encourage risk taking

Remember you can’t play safe forever, risky are a part of life, encourage him to go for the kill. He can take a few calculated career moves; you just stand by as his emotional back bone.

Pay the bills once in a while

Is your better half short on cash this month? Chip in a little and book your next “shopping bill” in advance. He will surely go generous to pay your too.

Start saving

Life maybe struck by eventualities so make sure you set aside some cash for a rainy day. Men rarely believe in stocking up some cash for emergencies but you are the “beauty with the brains” save some of the cash!!

Share his financial troubles make your life comfortable. Pay up for the investments, insurances and kids needs.

Respect your partner

Everyone makes mistakes. Remember but they deserve respect, never forget to make your partner feel special and respected at all times. His positive self esteem will take the relationship a long way, accept him and embrace him with his short comings. An emotional boost up will do wonders for your partner.

There is another name for guys “forgetful”. They are lousy with anniversaries and birthdays. You need to turn into a reminder calendar for him !!