Take it easy!! Don’t make your child a “hurried baby”

Dad, I am not understanding what you are making me read!! Do you hear these words around you often? It may be a “cry of help” from a child who is being raised as a “hurried child”.
Often because of the fast paced competitive world our children are asked to excel at all quarters and grow up much before their capability. But is this healthy?

Hurried child syndrome

The “hurried child syndrome” is a group of behaviors that are a result of extreme stress that a child faces whenever he is belted out some irrational social, emotional, and mental expectations. The kid’s life ends up being “over scheduled” by his overbearing parents. They force him to be brilliant academic protégées and climb into the garb of “miniature adults” for their personal satisfaction. Lots of times it’s the advertising academic markets that are influencing the parents ,leading them on to force “hurried” growth of their children.

Forcing the child to travel on the path of “rush growing up” may end up making him a belligerent, aggressive, depressed hyperactive human being. Many other psychological problems also lie in waiting for the “hurried child” he may show adverse behaviors like bed-wetting, stammering, anxiety, crying spells, stomach conditions, muscle tension, stuttering and have sleep issues etc.

Parents need to grasp that the acts with simple instructions can be understood easily by the kids but it is tough to make them relate to “complicated adult emotional pleas”. So keep it simple people, the rest is a mammoth task for the kids!!

Put a full stop to irrational demands

Demands made should be appropriate according to the age of the child. The responsibilities foisted on him should match his capabilities. Remember this is your child’s time to play and enjoy. While playing with others he will realize the importance of cooperative behavior, sharing and respecting other people’s property. Playtime makes sure the aggressive behavior gets focused into a channelized direction and kids learn tolerance.

Keep your needs aside

Remember you had your moments to chase your personal dreams now it’s the child “wants”. Just be a role model for him as he is all geared up to ape you.

Preserve innocence of the children

Violence and natural disasters are a part of the child’s life today. Most of the times the kids end up aping the grownups for their dressing styles, their manner of talking, behaviors etc. But they are basically small and innocent even if they peer closely at the media turnouts. Let them be their age!!

Read your child

Every child has a different set of needs so watch him carefully and get aware of the specific needs of the child. Fulfilling these needs for the child will make him bloom as a human being in future. He will relish his activities related to academics and extracurricular work.

A struggling and resistant child is low on the self esteem scale; make sure your child gets super confident with your support. Very soon your kid will study the academic curriculum of the senior classes till then let him peek carefully at the syllabi of his own class. Let him breathe his own “intelligence level” breath!!