Are you getting sucked into an abyss of “marital mess”?

“Get out of my life and leave me alone”!! These maybe some words that withhold some serious annotations in a marital relationship. Do you need some outside help to sort out the marital mess?

“Marital bliss” is what we bargain for, whenever we step into a relationship but one can’t escape from problems, no matter how many years of togetherness, are tucked up behind you. It may have been 10, 20 or 40 years of the couple “sharing the same bedroom”, still painful and intense problems keep cropping up time and again, straining the camaraderie of the relationship.

The wounds may reach deep into the system and leave the couple with a “bagful” of grudges and allegations. We enter into a relationship loaded with dreams and preconceived notions. But what if we are unable to get across to our spouses, what if there are constant arguments and fights? How do we explain this?

Partners taking each other for granted

Sometimes human beings have a tendency to hurt each other and they cross the line. It is ok if this is a “once in a while encounter” but what if there are “hurt words” exchanged constantly, it may spell doom for the marriage because of the constantly increasing stress levels.

Abusive partner

It’s the experience of togetherness that helps one ward off impending disasters but what if your togetherness hides years and years of mental or physical abuse. A partner maybe physically or mentally abusive and living under the same roof may become unfeasible, this maybe the time to walk separate directions.

Staying with an abusive partner may spell threat to you and your children. Erratic reactions of your partner, maybe, caused due to a chemical imbalance in the body or maybe the warning indicator, of a noteworthy mental illness. Such kinds of situations make it impossible for the couple to stay together. This kind of inconsistent and unpredictable behavior is a cry for professional help.

Recognize warning signs

There is not a single relationship that crumbles overnight; there are warning signs that keep popping up before hand. They are screams for attention that we have a tendency to ignore.

Relationship warning signals come up whenever the marriage is in trouble. Are you always fighting and having nasty arguments that seem to be worsening each time? The problems need to resolved calmly and without resentment. The conflicts need to be worked over with a cool and composed mind.

Another thing to worry about is if there are no arguments between the couple. Over politeness and hiding personal feelings also may spell break down in a relation.

Stressed relationship

Whenever the relationship goes through stress and you end up falling sick and losing your sleep due to the turbulent emotions. One rarely gets a chance to relax and the physical health starts to take a toll for the worse. We think, it’s time to think about your relationship.

Lack of affection

It’s the touch, hugs and kisses that keep the spark in a relationship alive, but what if the relationship lacks any physical affinity? It means that your love relationship is struggling along. Lack of physical intimacy, or sexual contact, result in the couple, looking in different directions. Unresolved problems create an emotional gap between the couple which can take ages to build back.