Starving but still gaining oodles of weight? Get your thyroid checked!!!

Heard about the butterfly shaped gland in the neck that can cause turbulence in your life if it doesn’t function well? It’s the master gland of metabolism -the “thyroid gland”, we are talking about here. It has the capability of causing depression, reducing energy levels, erratic weight loss or gain, etc.

Millions of people suffer from thyroid related problems but carry on with their lives unaware of the thyroid hassles. In the long run an undiagnosed thyroid condition can lead to sexual dysfunction, anxiety, hair loss, heart disease, obesity, and many other health related problems. Lets just get an overview of some common symptoms that may mean a thyroid disorder:

Genetic thyroid condition
Do you lug around a family history of thyroid problems? You need to be careful then. It is often just termed as goiter or a gland problem by the layman but these words should mean more to you. Go for a checkup!!

Check the cholesterol levels
Is your rising cholesterol level not responding to exercise, diet alterations or cholesterol reducing medications? It could be hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism depending on the cholesterol levels.

Weighty issues
You may be consuming that carb free diet for ages or maybe a very small eater in general but you are unable to ward off the adding calories. The diet program lets you down and you have grave difficulty shaping up or maybe losing weight rapidly, it maybe thyroid. Note any unexpected weight change in your body.

Exhausted feeling
After your night sleep you wake up exhausted and tired the next morning. The problem becomes evident when you are drained out after 8-10 hours of sleep and need to rest or nap to improve your performance during the day. Staying awake during the nights also may be a cause of the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.

Enlargement of the neck
Does your necktie strain your neck? Check for goiter. You may be having a hoarse voice and a feeling of a swollen neck. This may be caused by an enlarged thyroid gland.

Brittle hair
Have you ever wondered why your lustrous locks are shedding rapidly and turning dry, coarse and brittle? Hair conditions and skin changes may be a sign of thyroid problems. The skin may end up getting rough, scaly and coarse. Check out the hair growth at the eyebrow’s outer edge and thinning of hair.

Stomach conditions
Years and years of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or constant diarrhea may be a result of the malfunctioning of the thyroid.

Irregular menses
Heavy, painful and frequent menses, maybe a sign of hypothyroidism. The infrequent, lighter and shorter menstrual cycle maybe associated with a thyroid condition called hyperthyroidism. This erratic period cycle may also be a main cause of infertility in women suffering from thyroid malfunction.

Depression, anxiety, or a panic attack may indicate a thyroid condition but it needs to be correlated to other symptoms as well. Weakness in limbs, joint and muscle pains, carpal tunnel in hands arms, plantar fasciitis, or tarsal tunnel conditions maybe caused by undiagnosed thyroid conditions.