Monsoon Mantra!! Be Aware, Be Alert & Be Happy!!

Ah, soaking in the monsoon pleasures after the blistering heat of summer is sheer bliss! The drizzle and surprise downpours, hot cups of coffee, rain-kissed faces, kids frolicking in puddles, glimpse of grey-black clouds and the romantic long drives!!

This respite from the heat usually outstrips the caution we should embrace to stay away from the backlash of this beautiful weather.

Rain brings a multitude of health hazards in its wake!! The seasonal change is the culprit behind complaints of fever, cough, cold, loose motions, nausea, vomiting, skin problems, weakness, aches and so on. So it becomes absolutely necessary to take precautions and prepare your body to stay healthy in the rainy season!

We at Medguru offer some simple measures to enjoy the charm of these most-awaited showers!

Stay Clean:
Since bacteria are on the prowl during this season, maintaining good personal hygiene is imperative. Wash your hands before and after every meal. Use of hand sanitisers are a good habit as it will shied you from the common, monsoon-time germ-related illnesses like colds and coughs.

Warm Water Bath:
Bathing in warm water protects from seasonal fever, cold and cough. Moreover, it’s relaxes, strengthens immunity and kills bacteria that might have stuck to your skin while splashing in the rain.

Stay Dry:
After getting drenched in rain quickly changing into dry clothes and enjoy hot beverages like masala chai, coffee or even a bowl of hot soup. This keeps the body warm and boosts immunity.

Dry Feet:
When you wade through water feet can become smelly and fungal infections can cause itching, stinging sensation, maceration and peeling between the toes. After coming from outside wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water. Try wearing open footwear that has perforations on the side or front, through which water can drain out. Feet tend to sweat more during monsoon hence closed shoes worsen the situation.

Eat Right:
Given that gastric troubles are common during this season avoid eating out. Make sure you drink either bottled or purified water. Refrain from spicy food and indulge in a fibre and nutrient rich diet. Oats, brown rice, whole grains and legumes enhance the body’s metabolism and also improve digestion.

Indoor exercises:
The unpredictable showers during the rainy season may hamper outdoor activities, walks and going to the gym. So, does it mean your regular fitness regimen goes for a toss? Absolutely not! Indoor exercises like simple stretching, yoga, dancing, spot or around a house jog work wonders.

Keep the Mosquitoes Away:
Monsoons are synonymous with mosquitoes. The best defense against the pesky insects is to tread cautiously in the places where they breed. It is vital that the yards and patios have no standing water. The smallest puddle of stagnant water can be home to thousands of mosquito larvae. Make sure roof gutters are clean and drained properly. Cleaning and chlorinating of swimming pools is advised, while outdoor saunas should be emptied and covered if not in use. Keep plenty of mosquito repellents and nets handy to avoid illnesses like malaria.

Like they say, prevention is better than cure! Follow these simple tips and keep the sniffling, coughing or queasiness at bay!! Have a healthy and safe monsoon!