Protect yourself from flu and cold in rainy season.

Monsoons are here… season of joy and fruitfulness. But does it bring only happiness along with it? No, with the arrival of monsoons, many health related problems are also accompanied. Cold, flu, viral infections come along with this season of joy. This sudden change in the atmospheric temperature is sometimes not adapted by the bodies that possess a low immune level. Hence, their internal systems tend to give up against the viral attack and as a result people fall sick.

Although flu and common cold are not counted among very serious ailments but, they make one’s body really weak so there are high chances of the body to catch up serious diseases… generally doctors prescribe to take painkillers or paracetamol tablets. But there are many easy measures that can be adapted to prevent these petty flus.

As we say prevention is better than cure… so there are a few tips that can be followed in order to protect yourself against these flus…

– Drink luke warm water as much as you can. This will help in stabilizing your body

– Take light vegetable soups, this will give nourishment to your body to fight against viruses
causing cold and fever.

– Avoid cold beverages, or drinking ice cold water.

– Maintain personal hygiene as well as keep your surroundings clean.

– Eat lots of seasonal fruits. Avoid drinking them as juice.

– Include green vegetables in your diet. It keeps you fit and healthy.

– Take in lots of vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits or vitamin C tablets. This builds body

– Take healthy salads before every meal.

– Wash your hands properly. It’s a necessity.

– Avoid contact with infected patients as generally these flus are contagious in nature.

– In severe cases consult your doctor and intake of paracetamol is advised.

– Avoid the use of aspirin as far as possible.

This is how you can reduce the risk of falling sick. Take a little heed, follow these simple tips and your body is charged up to fight against the flus and common cold. Enjoy the season.