Love your playstation? Here are 5 reasons to feel otherwise.

With the ease in affordability of high-tech sophisticated gadgets such as game boy, playstation, Nintendo etc, gaming has been taken to a whole new level. There was a time when children had only wooden toys for their entertainment. But with the introduction of video games and computers, ‘playing’ has been given a whole new definition.

So if you are hand-core gamer and love playing indoors over your playstations or mobile phones, then be alert! As your new found love might be cheating on your health.

Here are 5 things that you didn’t know while gaming:

1- The scenes depicted in your games that you play can confuse your brain. It narrows the difference between fiction and reality. If you are a parent then make sure your kid doesn’t spend much time gaming especially if he is too young for the respective video content. And if you are an adult gamer yourself, don’t be over confident, gaming can still affect your mental health.

2- Excess of gaming cuts you off with real world: sitting in front of a huge screen and playing games all day long can risk your social life that will affect your mental health eventually. So it’s a suggestion that you should play games with your group of friends instead of staying indoors all day.

3- Playing all day can damage your concentrating power: while studies suggest that playing video games improve concentration, this is however not completely true. Gaming may be good for short term concentrating tasks but do not prove beneficial in tasks that require long term concentration.

4- Gaming affects your eyes: this fact is not new to us, but needs to be taken seriously. We already are exposed to big screens in the form of televisions; mobile phones etc. playing games will be just another reason responsible for weakening your eyes.

5- Excessive gaming can affect your impulsive behavior: your involuntary reaction to any task thrown at you can change and be more outrageous and violent.

Where games are excellent for short terms entertainment, don’t let it consume all your time. Leave space for other activities in your daily schedule and enjoy both sides of your life- virtual one and the reality.