Bored during the Lock down? Here are a few ideas to tackle it

Tired of using your gadgets, have nothing to watch? here is what you can do

Weekday curfew may have lifted but weekend curfew is still making our life miserable. We maintain an active schedule on weekdays but weekends can be quite boring. Because of this, we have become completely dependent on our electronic gadgets. But sometimes even Netflix and chill can become tedious, also dependency on our gadgets sometimes can be a risk to us.  

So here are few things we can do outside of our dependency on electronics.  

DIY projects. 

Bring out your creative streak. A DIY could be anything, a box covered with drawings, small love notes, hidden in various corners of the house to be found by your significant half, poetry for your friends. Anything that suits you.  

Reorganize your wardrobe  

Every lazy people will roll their eyes at this but reorganizing the wardrobe can bring satisfaction. And since it is a physical activity, it also helps with burning that unspent energy.  

Get a new hobby  

The things outside are a nightmare right now, but this unwanted spare time could be used to develop a new hobby. It could be as simple as reading books or improving culinary skills, yoga, etc. A new hobby will bring novelty to our monotonous life.  

Deep clean   

Cleaning and organizing your place are therapeutic practices. Cleaning every corner of your house not only relaxes our mind but it also helps with knowing how much stuff we have lying around our house, so we can decide what we need and give away others.