Is your love relationship splitting borders? Read on for more

Are you incessantly looking in opposite directions because of constant disagreements? There was a time when the light shone only from beneath your partner’s feet, but , where did all that understanding and love vanish to? Is your relationship cracking apart?

This may be happening in your love life or your friendship, whenever it happens it wrings the heart strings. A relationship falling apart wrenches the emotions to pieces, lets read on for some “target” signs:

Strong disagreements

We all disagree everyday! We all indulge in arguments and debates that indirectly help us bond with each other but when these arguments end up as screaming and flat out yelling episodes or a voluble tantrum, then it spells domination or one sided force.

Negativity aura

Does being around your partner ever depress you or lower your mood, enough, to make you want to run away? Whenever negativity and conflict take over the relationship then there is a definite indication that the interests are waning.

Lack of understanding

With long hours of togetherness behind you one begins to know each other. But when you find your partner’s actions unpredictable and like those of a stranger, then it is cause for concern. Surprises in a relationship are very health but shocks are not. The relationship is showing signs of slackening whenever the understanding factor exits.

No more pains to make relation work

Does your partner love to see you dressed up and cooking personally? But you never take the pains or the efforts to please each other. A surprise visit to the workplace of your loved one is worth the effort of getting a glimpse of your partner but when you put it off and take it casually then look out , this may be the beginning of trouble!

Silence is golden

Silence is golden when you sit in close companionship or when you give each other space, but what if its silence that greets you guys whenever you are together? Communication is a must between the partners and it’s a problem when you never share your thoughts or feelings with each other.

Casual approach

Whenever your attitude takes a casual stance and you forget those special gestures that make your partner happy. The special smile makes you look away and you feel no special emotions towards your loved one, then its time to recognize the red flag.

One sided relation

In every relationship there are two people who make it work. Whenever one partner starts to rule, dominate or throw tantrums, the relationship shifts to one side. It’s no more a two way traffic, as this tends to become worse as time passes.

A disconnected feeling

In a close relationship there is an unconscious connection between both the partners. If you feel that this unconscious connectivity is falling apart or slipping away, then it’s time for your to do something about this “lack-of-unity pattern”.