Necessity of Men Skin Care Routine and How to Do It

Washing off the taboo with skin routine

Dermatologists and skin specialists around the globe have been explaining to people that skin care matters. Whatever the age you are or of whatever gender you are, you shouldn’t hide away from it.

Men from a very young age have been taught the difference between them and the female sex. They are portrayed to be the strong one, the brave one, the provider and somehow, in the circle of this, society made taking care of their own skin, a taboo for men.

Skin care products

According to dermatologists, on an average, the male skin is about 20-25 percent thicker than women’s and it even has a tougher texture. Male skin also has more collogen which gives it a tighter and firmer appearance. This causes the aging to appear much later than the female skin. So, it’s pretty obvious skin care is absolutely necessary for men.

Men often have the excuses for not having a skin care regime as ‘I don’t have time, I’m a busy man.’ Or ‘Men skin care is too expensive to bother with.’

Well, we have a solution for that. Sunscreen is the most basic and helpful part. It’s like a whole routine in itself. Sunscreen protects the skin from the sun’s cumulative damage. It also provides moisture to the skin which in turn increases the chances of getting wrinkles and line marks. It will even give you a ‘natural glow’ that’ll make you even more attractive.

Skin care will make your skin look better, fresher and much younger for a very long time. Maybe, chuck the taboo and put in efforts for yourself.