Wide Awake at 2 AM? Tips To A Productive Life Even In A Pandemic

Here are 4 tips that can help make your life productive.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has messed up our schedules. Instead of travelling through trains and metros from one place to another, our ‘travelling’ is now from bed to kitchen to laptop. It has seen that since the pandemic every 3 in 5 people have issues falling asleep at night during this pandemic. We stay up late till 2 am, scrolling through random social media posts and then have problems waking up early or have zero energy to do anything.

Well, you are in luck! Here are some ways through which you can have a boost of energy and lead a productive life.

Limit your screen time

With work from home, we are glued to our phones and laptops. More screen time pushes up on our bedtime and leads to less restful sleep. Screen time outside of work should not be more than two hours.



Morning and Night Stretch

Most of us sleep with phone being the last thing we use at night and also being the very first when we wake up. Instead of that, try out a small 5 minute stretching exercise before sleeping and after waking up. This helps relax your muscles for a good sleep and gives a boost for doing all the work in the morning.


Separate Work and Fun Space

Due to the pandemic, we are stuck at home and do everything from our houses itself but try out bifurcating  your house into different sections. We are in a habit of doing our work on bed, eat our food on bed and sleep on bed. Even though it is convenient and comfy, it has it’s side effects. Through this, our brain is unable to distinguish between work mode and relax mode.  Make your bed a place only to relax and that particular table in perhaps a different room your work place. This will lead to a much better productivity rate.


A quick 2 minute meditation has so many benefits that your brain wont even comprehend them. This will not only fill you with calmness, it will provide you with clarity, chuck out any anxiety you may experience and will boost up your mind into positivity and hence a productive day and life.