5 Reasons Why You Have Brittle Nails

Your nail speaks a lot about your body. What comes out has been working its way for much time. If you can’t keep your mani intact, do not ignore the breakage.

When your nails start to look not-so-sexy, there could be many reasons behind it. The most common five reasons for brittle nails and how you can protect them are down below.

Nail Biting

We chew on our nails out of anxiety, boredom, or nervousness. It is considered to be a ‘bad habit’ because our saliva, that is made to digested food, starts to disolve nails and the cuticle skin. This also increases the chances of infections.

Solution: Keep your nails short and clean which willmake it difficult to bite. Try making the nails bitter through manicures or simply apply nailpolish. It will prevent you from biting.

Iron Deficency

Nails that resemble the shape inside of a spoon are caused by low iron levels. Iron helps form hemoglobin that supplies oxygen to the nail matrix. Loe iron level means less growth.

Solution: If you see depression in your nails, it is time for a blood test. Bring up your iron levels with green veggies, and dark chocolate.

Nail Polish On For Way Too Long

Nail polishes contain drying ingredients that absorb the moisture from nails and weaken it. Something has to dry the polish once applied, right?

Solution: It is recommended to take off nail polish after five days. Give the nails a few days to recover before applying the polish again.

Lacking a B Vitamin 

Biotin, a B vitamin, is considered a hair and nail strengthener. Around 2.5 mg of biotin daily improves nail strength and reduces brittleness.

Solution: Your diet need Biotin. Food like eggs, almonds, sweet potatoes are biotin-rich. It takes around six months to see the results after you consume 2.5 mg dose of biotin daily.

Overdo the Hand Sanitizer

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer is a must. Constant application of hand sanitizer can brittle your nails due to its high concentration of drying alcohol.

Solution: While applying the hand sanitizer, try to avoid your nails. Later, properly wash your hands. You can alternatively apply cream after, to rebalance the moisture.