Ways To Lower Your Libido

Have a high sexual drive? Here are a few ways to lower it.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, having a very high sex drive can be hard to deal with. While there is no such thing as a normal sex drive, you may want to lower your sex drive if it distracts you from everyday tasks. Here are a few simple ways to help lower your high sexual drive:

Couples sex therapy

If you have noticed that your sex drive is much higher than your partner’s, then you are not alone. Around 80 percent of couples regularly experience a sexual desire mismatch. One way to achieve better communication is by going to sex therapy together, which may help you get more in sync with your partner. Sex therapy is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on issues with sex and intimacy.

Individual sex therapy

If your sex drive is very high, you may become preoccupied with sex in a way that affects your general wellbeing. For example, “you might develop an escort or porn habit that eats into your social, sleep, and work time as well as your finances.”

Another type of therapy, called cognitive behavioral therapy, focuses on changing unhealthy beliefs and behaviors and has also been shown to help reduce unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors.

Antidepressant medication

If therapy isn’t helping you, your doctor may recommend taking a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) medication. SSRIs work by changing the way serotonin, an important brain chemical, moves through your brain, so that more of it is available. SSRIs are usually prescribed for mental health disorders like depression since serotonin plays a large role in your mood.

Many people struggle with having an unwanted high sex drive, but there are remedies available to help. It is recommended that first try therapy to work on these feelings, whether it’s with your partner or alone. If you want to try a medical treatment, reach out to your doctor to explore your options.