Myths About Weight Lifting

Weight training seems like a mammoth task to most. Despite widely researched and established benefits of weight training on overall health, many still consider it the domain of ‘bodybuilder’ junkies. Hence to break down this goliath problem we strip weight training of its most common myths:

Weight Lifting is For Men

Weight lifting results in an increase in muscle strength and bone density. Both these effects are beneficial for everyone. Women and men both can benefit from good bone density and more so with women after menopause as they are at higher risk of osteoporosis.

Lifting Makes you Bulky

First of all, bulking muscle mass is not as easy as you think it might be. Bulking requires quite a lot of time. Most women do not lift weights believing it will bulk them up like men. It is not true because testosterone is one of the primary hormones that is required to bulk up. Higher levels of estrogen and low amounts of testosterone mean that women do not bulk up like men.

Cardio is better

A common belief among people is cardio is better to burn fat in our body. What people don’t realize is when we lift weights, we burn calories as well. Weight lifting sessions boost your metabolism and fire. The more muscle mass you get the more you burn calories while resting. An intense weight lifting session can result in the burning of calories all day long.