Baby Roona wins the battle with her swollen brain

When God proposes he just proposes! A 21 month old baby girl, Roona Begum had been taken down by a condition called hydrocephalus and was placed under the doctors knife. The doctors performed 5 surgeries to drain fluid from her brain saving Roona but now here is an ongoing plea for some extra fund support for the treatment of the little baby girl!

Hydrocephalus baby

You will not believe it but Roona Begum’s skull was a whopping 94 cms and the doctors reduced it to 58 cms with surgeries. Now the baby girl who is safe and sound is looking forward to going back home to Jirania Khola, Agartala.

The hydrocephalus had made baby Roona’s head swell out of proportion. The only thing left is to do a remodeling surgery of her skull in order to restore the shape of the skull and make it proportionate to her body. At the moment Roona is out of danger and the re-corrective surgery will be carried out after 6 months, say the doctors at a private hospital.

At the moment the baby’s head needs support but the kid has shown an amazing recovery in the last 3 and a half months. But this is just the beginning as the head balance may take months before Roona is capable of managing her head upright by herself. The baby girl has to take physiotherapy sessions in order to walk because her hydrocephalus state had restricted her movement.

Treatment successful

She had been rushed to Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) in Gurgaon and the doctors feared that she may not live to see the treatment through.

On Thursday, Roona’s health picked up and she also responded to the surroundings. The baby girl showed promising sideways head movement which raised the hopes of all. With the huge skull Roona had been unable to see her surroundings as her eyes had sunk inside and the doctors feared for her chances of survival.

When she was brought to the hospital she suffered from severe malnourishment, had sores on her head and a relentless respiratory infection. But the medical fraternity has changed Roona Begum’s life forever and shown her a ray of hope. Her mother Fatima, 24, excitedly exclaims ‘To all those who have helped Roona, thank you.

‘She is already showing signs of happiness, and we can finally smile again. Abdul Rahman (19), Roona’s father, was also heard stating “We are overjoyed to see Roona active. Now she has started saying a few words like mamma. We had lost hope of saving her.”