Gluten allergic? Eat safely, grab a gluten free diet

Doubled up with stomach pain? It may be a gluten allergy! Isn’t it a better option to mention the presence of gluten on the packets of food? Definitely, it may save a lot of people the “allergy agony”.

Celiac disease

A chef cum cook book writer, Kristine Kidd, suffers from the celiac disease and she insists that passing a rule to emphasis the presence of gluten in the diet will make “life a lot less confusing for people.” Gluten rich foods lead to the production of anti-bodies.

These antibodies lead to knowing at the intestines and damage the lining of the intestine. This leads to a lack of essential nutrients in the body and causes nutritional deficiencies in people suffering from this medical condition. They can suffer from serious health problems, like osteoporosis, infertility, growth retardation, intestinal cancers and miscarriages.

Gluten in diet

Presence of gluten is very difficult to get rid of. It’s a tough shopping expedition to search for products that are gluten free in case you suffer from an allergy. People have a hassle in trying to understand gluten-free foods. Kristine Kidd realized that she was keeping unwell and she started her investigations.

The “guilty” food was a favorite chocolate bar that she had been consuming for years but when the production company changed the bar was prepared in an area where gluten related products were being made as well. One needs to be very astute to be “gluten aware”.
Gluten is found in processed foods and wheat, rye and barley so before you reach out for the sauces, flavorings, and packaged foods.

Eat safely

Alice Bast, founder and president of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness in Philadelphia states “We have to be able to eat safely and know we can trust the products.” Bast has been suffering from celiac disease and this condition led to Bast losing a full term baby who was still born and having three miscarriages.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-New York) the law that plans to cover gluten-free term. The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act, that has been penned down Lowey insists that allergens like peanuts and milk should be mentioned on food labels.

Medicine Disclosure Act, demands that pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturers to mention if a medication has gluten on the labels.

It will surprise you to know that children’s molding clays, medicines and other household items have gluten. Kids who are allergic to gluten can’t afford to even apply lotions that may have its presence because they have a tendency to put their gluten covered hands into their mouths.

Gluten allergic people can face severe respiratory and skin problems because of gluten. Other complications are digestive issues and “brain fog”.

People are trying to stay away from gluten just for the heck of it and as a weight loss diet but this has led to the accumulation of gluten products on the shelves.