He died, but in return gifted lives to many

At the death of 21-year-old Anmol, his parents were in a trauma that they had lost everything in life, but there was one thing that kept them alive was the resolve of donating Anmol’s organs to shower a hope of life on others.

Around thirty-four people got a new life after Anmol’s parents donated his heart valve, pancreas, cornea and at least 30 other organs.

India is struggling to provide organs to needy patients. At this time of difficulty, Madan Mohan Juneja (Anmol’s father) and his family members have come forward to donate their organs. By doing this deed they are setting an example for others. The family has been in a tradition of donating organs.

Juneja said, “My father and uncle had donated their organs. When Anmol passed away, it was a big shock for us, but we knew that he would be happy with our decision to donate his organs. He still lives in many other bodies”.

A similar case was observed when 88-year-old Tej Ram, chairperson of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), had passed away, he donated his organs and convinced his family to donate it to only poor and needy people.

Three people, who could otherwise have not been able to afford organs, got a new lease of life.

“My father was sure that he will donate his organs to poor people as he believed in helping the needy. It is true that people in general are not willing to donate organs but many of my relatives and friends were inspired to donate organs after my father’s gesture,” said Vinita Chopra, trustee, SGRH.

“Awareness will lead to more people coming forward to donate organs,” said Chopra.

People like these are like angels to many other families. They help many people to live a new life altogether.