IKEA issues recall for Kritter and Sniglar beds over design fault

IKEA, the Swedish furniture chain, is recalling two models of children’s beds because of a design fault.

The recall follows complaints that a metal rod of the bed breaks, exposing sharp edges.

Children Beds
While there have been no reported cases of injuries, the company wants to play safe, hence the decision of the recall has been taken.

The product in question is the children’s bed. Some batches of two variants of beds called Kritter and Sniglar, are reportedly affected by the problem.

The company has warned that these beds would have been sold in 17 countries. The affected countries include UK, Belgium, Britain, China, Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey.

The customers have been urged to check the date stamp on these beds. The faulty Kritter junior beds are numbered from 1114 to 1322 while the defective Sniglar junior beds bear the numbers 1114 to 1318.

IKEA’s Indian Foray
Meanwhile, IKEA’s plans of setting up stores in India seem to be finally on track. The Indian government has given a formal approval to the company for selling 18 categories of products.

IKEA intends to invest Rs 10,500 crore in India in two phases. In the initial leg, it would would invest Rs 4,200 crore and in the second stage an investment of Rs 6,300 crore would be pumped in.

According to sources familiar with theh matter, IKEA plans to set up 25 stores in the country. The furniture maker has reportedly finalized four states; Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka where it will begin setting up stores.

The government’s approval will allow IKEA to sell, among other categories, textile furnishing, bathroom products, beach and outwears, glassware, earthenware, home renewable energy and home safety.

The company is also entitled to operate cafes and restaurants within its single-brand stores in India. However it cannot sell packed food items in these eating outlets.