Rejitha a 19-year-old died of poison not food

The chemical analysis carried out of the viscera of medical student Rejitha Rajiv, who died as suspected because of food poisoning after having chicken biryani from a hotel in Kazhakootam on July 27 in Thiruvananthapuram. The research has uncovered the presence of ethion poison.

This raises a doubt that the reason for the death might not have been food poisoning but some other other reasons which are being noticed lately. Ethion is somewhat toxic and about two to five grams can cause even lead to death. Sold as a pesticide, this can also be bought from shops.

“In our test we detected the presence of ethion. The doctors will give the final post-mortem report”, said K.G. Sivadasan, chief chemical examiner.

He added that in their lab there is no facility for microbiology test but they could not trace aflatoxin content. If it was a case of food poisoning, there would have been trace of aflatoxin, Sivadasan said.

Shanghumugham Assistant Commissioner K.S. Vimal stated, “We have not yet received the post-mortem report. Only after that we can give any details.”

Family members of Rejitha, a 19-year-old girl, a resident of Ullor, told that she was feeling uneasiness and nausea after eating chicken biryani from the hotel. She was a first -year MBBS student at JIPMER, Puducherry.

The hotel was immediately shut down by food safety officials on that very day. But the doubts about food poisoning lingered as whoever had eaten from there, none among them had complained of any such problem. The food safety officials later had given the permission to reopen the hotel.