Yes! Elderly surely can donate organs

Denying a popular belief, senior citizens surely can donate organs, a specialist stated at a function in the national capital organised by Age Care India.

A.B. Dey, head of the Department of Geriatric Medicine of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), speaking at the function Thursday said, “Older people can also be good donors, as against popular belief.”

The discussed department was commenced at AIIMS under the National Programme for the Health Care of the Elderly. This was launched in 2011.

A member of the organ donation committee of AIIMS, Dey, said, “Donating the body for the purpose of conducting anatomy is useless. Instead, one should donate organs, and particularly cornea.”

While clarifying the queries of over 50 elderly people that attended the function, Dey stated that there was never any real age bar when it came to treatment for cataract, because the surgical treatment procedure was low-risk.

Dey was talking at the “Good Health Adds Years To Life” event organised by a charitable society, Age Care India.

“As the aged population is on the rise, the percentage of caregivers is decreasing due to shrinking families. So Age Care is working to cater to the recreational, social, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of the aged. This event is also a part of that work,” said R.N Grover, vice president of the charity.