Introducing a new smartphone app that gives pollution alerts to beach-goers in UK

Latest invention strikes the arena… A new smartphone app has been created that tends to give swimmers and surfers of the real-time warnings about pollution incidents on beaches. This amazing app has been launched in the UK.

This new app sends an alert or text message alarming us about the discharges of sewage and storm water at nearly 250 beaches in England and Wales.

This app service was developed by the charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) so as to show concern about a rise in the amount of sewage spills, that can be among one of the causes of illnesses for beach-goers.

This smartphone app, that is funded by UK’s Environment Agency, makes it access over the data from the water companies on combined sewer overflows that lets untreated sewagelet’s also storm water into the sea in times of heavy rain to prevent sewers backing up.

According to a report by BBC News “it sends out alerts or text messages to users when pollution reaches dangerous levels and the information is posted online”.

As noted SAS really hopes that the alert service will surely help beach users in bathing at their favourite spots happily and safely. They should be deprived of the fear of illnesses such as stomach bugs, ears, chest, skin, eye and infections, or sore throats, as well as hepatitis.

This innovative app also lets bathers in sending a “must try harder” message directly to water companies and report of the pollution incidents to the Environment Agency’s hotline.

This worthy sewage alert service was checked on three beaches in Cornwall, and over a poll of 591 people, headed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in the UK had found that over 94 per cent of the people who received information regarding short-term spills took serious actions to avoid them.