Grin and “cancer-proof” your precious life with lifestyle changes

Is cancer a nightmare for you? It’s the same for everyone!! We lose our calm and collected state when we hear the C-word tweeted around us. Falling in the risky category scares the daylights out of us, so let’s peek at the cutting edge strategies or ways to cancer proof our lives:

Bask in the sunshine

Vitamin D lies sleeping under our skin and gets into the active mode when it comes in contact with the ultra violet rays. A variety of cancers like colon, breast and non-Hodgkins lymphoma can be kept at bay by taking a wee bit of sun every day. Make sure you slobber on sunscreen to protect yourself from skin burns.

The miraculous Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to guard a person against illnesses and coughs and colds. The H.pylori bacteria cause peptic ulcers and is known to lead to stomach cancer in the long run. It’s ideal to keep the Vitamin C levels in our blood high to keep the H.pylori bacteria count low. Citrus fruits like lemon and oranges also keep the stress levels curtailed.


After the age of 50 it is advisable to get a colonoscopy as colorectal cancer is diagnosed in a number of people in their increasing years. A colonoscopy should definitely br opted out for if your family history recognizes cases of colon cancer.

Grab the greens

Steam a few healthy green vegetables and gobble away. Steaming a broccoli diet for 3-4 minutes succeeds in bringing out the hidden power of sulforaphane a cancer fighting compound. Studies have shown that the sulforaphane can stop the growth of the cancer cells in the breast. Add some more antioxidant rich foods like sunflower seeds, mushrooms or nuts to your diet and make a potent “anti-cancer” combination. The selenium from the sunflower seeds and the sulforaphane can turn around your life remember, so go eat away.

Decaf coffee

Rectal cancer is reduced by almost 52 % if one consumes 2-3 decaf coffee. Coffee in general increases the movements of the bowels thus reducing the risk of cancer.

Its time to lose weight

Obesity is one of the main reasons for cancer deaths. Losing some extra calories makes sure that the body produces less of the female hormones and thus lends a protection from the endometrial, ovarian and breast cancer. Increasing pounds after the age of thirty increases the risk of a person developing pancreatic, cervical, breast and other cancers.

Eat some bananas

Bananas are full of antioxidants. Eating 4-6 bananas daily reduces risk of cancer of the kidneys by almost 54%. Even carrots provide the same protection.

Get a body check

Check the body for signs of discolorations, blemishes, warts and moles. Grayish black discolorations of the nails, a distorted nail shape all may be indicators get them checked.

Keep an account of pain

Frequently troubled by a bloated belly, acute pain in pelvic, or feel the urgency to relieve the bladder, get checked for ovarian cancer right away.

Besides these make sure you reduce the consumption of white bread, incorporate a regular exercise regime every day, 30 minutes may be just right. Don’t forget to pop in your calcium supplement and kick the cigarette butt out of your lives. Another word of advice always get a second opinion regarding the reports. Remember experience of a doctor does count.