Abortion clinics closure apparent! Will hospitals take over?

Are new state restrictions imposed on abortions “political regression”?Institutions are being steered to stop abortions and they say that the there was only one abortion clinic left in Toledo, Ohio, that is all ready for closure due to the “neutral” stance of the hospitals in the abortion debate.

Abortion clinics to close

The last remaining clinic that carried out abortions owned by a doctor in Green Bay, Wis., has been taken over by local private hospital.

It’s time for the abortion clinics to close down. It seems as the regulations regarding abortions are tightening the noose on the fraternity providing abortions the medical professors are advocating the hospitals to start back. The hospitals had taken a step back and were occupying the back seat as the abortion providers followed a line of their own. Now maybe this step will help integrate the medical community into one mainstream.

The main problem is the difference in opinion of the new Ob-gyns and the older medical professors regarding abortions. Almost 100 gynecologists are terming this imposed act as “political regression.” The hospitals are now being blamed for surrendering the responsibility of the abortions to these clinics who are the ideal target for the abortion activists. Now there is a demand to integrate the abortion procedures into medical training and women’s health services.

The professors give their viewpoint and say “In our view, hospitals have disregarded the responsibility that our academic predecessors expected them to assume. The savings in lives and money from legalization were soon forgotten and many hospitals now claim they cannot afford to provide abortions even if they wanted to …”

Reasons for Abortion

Past studies indicate that nearly 97% doctors report that out the total patients who came to them for abortion only 14% actually went on to go through the medical procedure. Hospitals carry out only 4% abortions according to data gathered from the States. Many of them refuse outright and majority of them carry out just about 30 of these procedures annually but that too in rare cases keeping different factors like fetal abnormalities in mind.

According to Philip Darney, a professor of obstetrics and reproductive services at the University of California, San Francisco “It’s generally not that hospitals don’t want to [perform abortions], but they feel tremendous pressure, either from laws that their legislators pass or from politics in general.”

Shocking news is that anti abortion clinics are an open target for the anti abortion activists. These people have gone ahead and even killed the doctors performing abortion at times.The hospital bans, the violence involved, the employers pressure, other doctors carrying out group medical practice and acceptability amongst the groups against the procedure of abortion are the reasons for staying away from it for many Ob-gyns.

Maybe its time for a turnabout as the experts say “They may find it difficult to practice, but we have a whole new generation of young women who are replacing the old men, and they have a very different view about their relationships with their patients. It’s very promising.”