Get Ready to Check your happiness with ‘How Happy you are?’ app!!

Did you know that your cell phone keeps the potential of knowing about your feelings. A new app dubbed as `How happy you are?’ tells you about your mood and feelings.

As per the findings of a recent research at Princeton University, it has been found that cell phones can perfectly gauge information that is almost impossible to record otherwise.

With this invention, you cannot hide your feelings and mood swings anymore. The prevailing scenario of the lifestyle that the people are surviving in can now easily be judged by the phone through this amazing app.

Just to come to some conclusion, the environment of the volunteers was studied by them. Hence they agreed on the fact that they would probably provide information regarding their feelings and locations.

All the researchers involved further created an Android operating system application that could lodge down a person’s location by constantly sending questions like as “How happy are you?”

This innovative app was an endeavor to pave out the system of a mobile phone more responsive and just.

Further the researchers studied around 270 volunteers in nearly 13 countries. These volunteers were then asked to rate their measure of happiness on a scale of 0 to 5.

The relation between environment and the state of emotional-wellbeing of the person has been highlighted in the published study in the June issue of Demography.

As per the words of a graduate student in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the paper’s lead author, John Palmer, “People spend a significant amount of time outside their census tracks. If we want to get more precise findings of contextual measurements we need to use techniques like this”.