Reduce stress, perk up immunity, go the acupuncture way!!

Staying in a state of constant alertness makes the human body hardwired and stressed. At times like this one has to pay a very heavy price-one has to compromise health. At times like this acupuncture may be the answer!!

A stressed out body and mind

Whenever the body is exposed constantly to stressful factors it can lead to some severe medical conditions like sleep problems, depression, digestive hassles, heart diseases, memory impairment and obesity. Researches done, give evidence that stress becomes fully evident on the person who undergoes it. The effects of the stress can be seen on the face.

The best way to relieve the stress symptoms is to go for acupuncture treatment. Life carries on with tension and worries and positive events. Even the happy and positive moments in life bring on the anxiety and stress levels. This succeeds in leaving an imprint on the individual’s mind. Even the regular routine involves stress and life is incomplete without this.

And new research shows you can actually wear the effects of stress on your face. A distressing routine is a must to maintain sanity, remain mentally active and stay fit physically. Alternative methods can be followed to keep the stress levels at bay. These methods are like massage, meditation, yoga and a very effective technique called acupuncture.
A combination of all these alternative modes can be utilized to make life better.


To detoxify the body from the negative effects of stress and tension one should go for some acupuncture sessions. The stress tends to collect in the body with some physical symptoms like muscular aches and pains, tense muscles, headaches, high blood pressure etc. This leads to acutely painful moments. After an acupuncture session the human body reaches a stage of relaxation and calm. The blood circulation becomes much better and the body transfers from an agitated state to a composed body state.

This is ancient art of healing from China. The acupuncturists accept that body has channels called meridians and Chi or energy flows throughout these body channels. Any kind of stress leads to an imbalance in the energy levels and it travels erratically in the body channels. For a perfectly balanced body the energy needs to travel freely. Stress may block the channels, and they need to be wide open for energy to pass through.

In acupuncture small thin needles are inserted at specific pressure points. The natural healing processes of the body are stimulated by the fine piercing needles and the energy can flow freely. Number of acupuncture sessions differ from person to person but the treatment helps in strengthening the body by reducing the stress levels and increasing the immunity.