Vomiting while intoxicated may prompt $ 50 from drunken people

Puke! Vomit! That’s so gross, folks, but a common sight in people who have enjoyed their drinks a little too much. A $ 50 may succeed in tweaking the ears of the drunks traveling in taxicabs! A proposed ordinance is almost on the road in Key West, Fla. The authorities have decided to impose a fine on the vomiting drunks traveling back in taxis, after they have had a night of fun.

Drunken fine ordinance

Key West may soon tread the same waters as Austin and Chicago by imposing the drunken fine ordinance. This proposed ordinance may help curb the menace of the drunken people vomiting in cabs.

The ordinance has already started its works and has received a provisional approval from the Key West City Commission and notes “In the event that a taxicab passenger soils the interior of a taxicab with bodily fluids or solids, a $50 clean-up fee will be added to the trip fare.”

The authorities have gathered data from various cab companies. The largest cab company plying in the Key West by the name of Five 6’s Taxi, has its own tale to tell regarding the Fantasy Fest, the annual event held in the area around the middle of October month. The drivers confirm that each year they have to face an uncomfortable situation of at least 6 people throwing up in their cars during this period. According to Jan Dolan the owner of Five 6’s, the vomit tax should be imposed.

Is the ordinance unavoidable?

Talking to the Key West commissioners he said that the ordinance is unavoidable as “The fee is for cleaning up the cab when people puke. Sorry, that’s the only way I can put it. We can’t enforce it unless it’s in the ordinance,” He stated.

The alcoholic drink lovers, you better be careful! The ordinance will be strictly pertaining to the people who are drunk and vomiting and are termed as the vomiting while intoxicated people or the VWI. They will have to shell out the fine or the surcharge, but the kids who are sick and the people who vomit because they are ill do not have to pay $ 50 as fine charges.

Other companies that ply taxis in the Sunshine State are in no hurry to penalize fine on the patrons who are drunk and traveling.

Plenty of people relish their drinks at the snazzy clubs of South Beach at the Miami –Dade County. The county sees plenty of the drunken traveling people but at the moment there is no news of the ordinance being imposed here as yet.

President of Yellow Cab running in Miami-Dade, Mr. Boris Shvartsman says that a law for a fine is not necessary in the area. According to him, in his career as a cab driver, he has seen only 2 drunk and vomiting passengers, in a wide span of 18 years.

On Wednesday a final hearing on the proposed ordinance will take place and then the decision will be given. Will a meager $ 50 be enough to control the excess drinking in people?