Men give up on their looks at 46!

As young men, they watch their diet and make a point of going to the gym, but it’s a real pity all the hard work goes down the drain once they hit middle age!

According to an intriguing new study carried out by Benenden Health, men simply stop caring about their appearance and fitness levels by the time they hit age 46.

Women on the other hand are more conscious of their looks and battle on for another 13 years, but let go at 59.

Survey findings
The researchers scrutinized the answers 2000 men and women gave when surveyed about their health and looks. The survey found men lose all interest in trending fashion styles and slow down physically in middle age.

Seventy percent of the respondents said they do not fret or take pride in their appearance. Half of those polled admitted not being in great shape physically while a third confessed that they have never been inclined towards engaging in work outs.

Additionally, a third of the men questioned said they were not concerned about their food intake or alcohol consumption. They didn’t dwell on the health hazards in regards to their diet.

Being hitched or having a serious relationship took its toll. More than 50 percent married respondents said they no longer focus on their looks like they did when they were single. Apparently, men on average quit all thoughts of vanity about two years after they get married.

It was further noted that 40 percent felt health and beauty regimen is a trifle expensive and is too much commitment. For most comfort took precedence over style with most opting for a cosy cardigan and slippers rather than something fashionable.

A spokesman for Benenden Health, who commissioned the research stated, “Our survey suggests that maintaining our physical wellbeing into our later years simply becomes a lesser priority – influenced by wanting to relax in comfort and not have to keep up with trends. And men appear to “give up” far sooner than women.”