Public outcry envelops eight month pregnant weightlifting woman

Isn’t Weight lifting during pregnancy a “No-No” according to the medical fraternity? Definitely! An 8 ½ month pregnant 35 year old mommy belonging to California shocked other mothers when her bodybuilding photographs were seen on Facebook.

Weight-lifting and pregnancy

Lea-Anne Ellison, The mother of two, a 12 year old girl and a boy aged 8 years, has been seen weight lifting and this action of her’s has created an online furor. Unruffled mom-to-be from Los Angeles, says that she has a very healthy exercise routine that is safe for her unborn child.

Two weeks short of giving birth, Ellison has managed to ruffle many mothers and has created a firestorm online when she was seen on a group page displayed on a social network doing weight lifts. She was shown holding a heavy barbell over her head on the networking site on Sunday.

The picture had a caption scribbled by Lea-Anne Ellison that said “8 months pregnant with baby number 3 and Cross Fit has been my sanity. I have been Cross Fitting for 2 1/2 years and…Strongly believe that pregnancy is not an illness, but a time to relish in your body’s capabilities to kick ass.”

But her casualness regarding her pregnant state was not taken with acceptance from many women. This was made evident by the 3000 shares and 16,000 likes on the Facebook page by Friday morning. Women had written their furious comments on the pictures citing their grievances to the public openly.

Public outcry

An angry lady who was a Cross Fit lover, scribbled her grievances about the pregnant lady picking up heavy weights saying “This is actually sickening, I hope pregnant around the world do not do this kind of crap. I am a Cross fit enthusiast but I DO NOT recommend this at all.” She felt that the people who viewed the picture carried the wrong message back home regarding Cross Fit and pregnancy, whereas she said that it was certainly not okay to exercise at this time.

Ellison went on to claim that the Cross Fit training allowed her to retain the “HOT mom” image of which she was very proud of.

Another angry mother retorted that pregnant women indulging in this exercise should be able to handle their guilt feelings in case they end up harming their unborn child. She was insistent that this is a delicate time and certainly not the correct time to be risking the pregnancy.

There are some people who agree with Ellison’s cross fit efforts as they feel “The key is listening to your body! As a medical professional, I find it appalling the number of people who treat pregnancy as an illness,” This comment prompted another lady to say that working out is safe according to a large number of studies focused in this direction.