Surrogacy from Indian woman! Miracle child for Kowalskis

Gone are the days of “helpful surrogacy” that was considered a positive step to help childless couples and then stepped in the conception of “commercial surrogacy”. There are thousands of people who are willing to pay millions for a child.

Surrogacy industry

The foreign clients swarm to India for surrogate mothers ,as there are no proper rules, laid down by the National Government. The surrogate industry is said to bring in billions of dollars and is a flourishing line. The lady is a Vankar, born in a place called Tarapur, which is situated on the Western side of India. She is of a low-ranking class according to the Hindu castes. The people may have changed their opinion towards the low castes but there are some areas that still look down on the low caste people.

Manisha, the surrogate mother

Her parents were farmers and she was married off by her uncles, to Raman who stayed at a seaside village Kambhat. The lady learnt to live in a two room house, slept on a single mattress, and worked in kitchen that had no fresh water, and she had to stay put with his family members in this small area.

Manisha, mother to two children, 8year old Tanvay, and 3 year old Urvashi, worked to make two ends meet from morning to late evening. Severe monsoon showers had ruined the Parmar house and they had to take another house on rent .

Manisha was approached by Raman’s cousin and another lady who had been attached to Akanksha clinic .The two were surrogates for the clinic and had managed to better their standard of living. Manisha was approached by Steve Kowalski and Jennifer Kowalski for surrogacy and are at the moment proud parents of a son borne by her. In exchange for this the Kowalskis provided enough money to change her lifestyle . Her money woes have been put to rest by the Kowalski family.

After Manisha’s second baby had been delivered she had undergone a tubal ligation in order to never get pregnant again. She had delivered both her kids at her woebegone home and the umbilical cords of both her children had been ripped away at the hands of a health worker. But how she was repaired by the clinic is a mystery to her.

But during the surrogate pregnancy Manisha had her vitals monitored regularly and the doctors at the Akanksha Infertility Clinic, her pregnancy was carefully followed and the nurses constantly waited attendance on her. The Kowalski’s were in their 40’s and had desperately tried for a child by natural conception, unsanctioned fertility procedures and also in-vitro fertilization.

Dr. Nayna Patel, director of Akanksha Clinic had spread the word of the fertility treatments it has started all over the world. The surrogacy is provided at very reasonable rates with hardly any taxes to adhere to. They had sent the last embryos from their past treatments and had a miracle child as a gift from the clinic.

At the sacrifice that Manisha made, she spoke about the Kowalskis and stated “They need their child. I need the money.”