Yearning for a radiant skin? March the natural ‘green’ pathway

Worried sick because of a dull complexion? A glowing and striking clear skin is what everybody wishes for! The cosmetics that are stuffed up to the brim with chemicals are the favorite of many people. These products are used aggressively to make the skin look radiant but no one realizes that these chemical-based synthetic products can damage the skin permanently.

In order to get familiar with a shimmering and luminous skin, we bring you some great options. We bring to you the magic of natural products that are encased in your kitchen. So head outside to your kitchen garden to pluck at the miracle herbs of nature:

Magical Aloe vera

In the lap of nature lie gorgeous and effective herbal agents such as witch hazel, Aloevera etc that make the skin shine with good health whenever they are applied regularly. Let’s welcome the green leafy wonders into our lives to help our skin get the natural radiance it deserves. Just pluck the leaves of the Aloevera plant and remove the gel.

Apply this gel liberally on the face and watch the change on your skin in a few days. There are a large number of treated organic products available in the markets that are made from these beauty herbs but it is better to apply the herbal remedies made at home to keep the skin luminous.


Are you worried because of a damaged skin? Peek outside for the calendula pot and pluck some leaves to crush and apply. A prolonged exposure of the tender skin to the harsh rays of the sun can lead to nasty sunburns, severe allergies and pigmentation. The plant is often recommended for its anti-bacterial and fast healing properties. Many people rely on the plant for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Skin conditions get great relief by using calendula. Be it an insect bite or a skin irritation, calendula can be a big help in curing the person of the pain. It’s the delicate calendula that is used in most baby preparations like ointments for diaper or nappy rash.

We have another brilliant use for the calendula plant – apply the crushed petals on the under eye dark circles and watch them get lighter day by day! Make a paste out of dried calendula petals and some olive oil. Stand for about a month and strain the mixture, and its ready for use.


Need a magic potion to calm the skin? Grab the Chamomile plant. Known for its cell growth properties, chamomile reduces skin stress and smooths the tissue of the skin. If the skin faces undue stress, then the flow of blood in it is not adequate and this can lead to skin aging.
The chamomile plant has skin revitalizing qualities and is anti oxidant in nature.

These properties promote the proper flow of blood in the skin cells.

Pluck a few flowers of chamomile and add lemon juice, honey and distilled water to it and churn well to make a paste. Apply it liberally on skin and wash it off after about 15-20 minutes.

So it’s time to say goodbye to the skin damage, the ugly swollen acne and the stressful wrinkles.
You can also be rest assured that chamomile petals make the skin fair.