New Reasons To Love Your Cup Of Tea Even More!

If you were one among many who love to start the morning with a steaming cup of tea, you would be delighted to know that this magic elixir is highly beneficial for you!

The latest articles released by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that tea can help in weight loss, guards from many chronic illnesses and boosts your mood. Based on the reports by Tea Association of the USA, there are more than 158 million tea drinkers in the US who consume tea in hot or chilled form.

The Tea Association also revealed that that tea ranks as the second highest consumed beverage in the world. The recent study made by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition or AJCN throws light on the helpful effect of tea on your health. A number of experts who belong to the ULCA, University of Glasgow and US Department of Agriculture, National Institutes of Health contributed the evidence for the AJCN study.

Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, The editor said that the scientists who contributed for this original study and insights are the best ones across the globe and this research body has put forth the science of tea and its benefits related to human health.

Tea aids in weight loss:

Researchers found that the presence of polyphenols in tea which is a naturally occurring compound when combined with the caffeine and led to high energy expenditure and oxidation of fat. This in turn, resulted in maintenance of excellent body weight. Another study showed that subjects that people who consumed green tea and caffeine shed about 2.9 pounds at an average within a period of more than 12 weeks while consuming a regular diet.

Reduces risks of cancer and cardio vascular issues:
The researchers found that the presence of polyphenol compounds in green tea would reduce the risk of cancer and its progression by 30%. In another study 30% of males who belonged to placebo group experienced progressive stage in prostate cancer when compared to 9% men who drank green tea.

Dr. Claudio Ferri, Italy said that his study found out that black tea could reduce blood pressure and neutralize the effects of fat in the blood flow to arteries.

Enhances bone health:

Polyphenols of green tea also contributes to enhance the quality of bones and strengthens it while preventing osteoporosis. The study also showed that there was about 30% lower risks of fractures of hip among people who were above 50 years of age.