Control the gorging urge at Thanksgiving! Calories are what you will get

Worried about the increasing calories? It may be a result of the rich 3000 plus calorie laden American Thanksgiving meal. The women need to be especially careful after all they are recommended only about 1850-2000 calories daily depending on their age.

The Thanksgiving meal is way too much in the amount of calories at one meal and crosses the recommended amount suggested by the nutritionists. Remember this is just a single heavy meal in the day and we have still to focus on the breakfast gourmet we gorged on.

We continue this “foodie tirade” over holidays and other occasions too, thus piling up the calories. It may surprise you but we carry back about 7-10 pounds from the holidays so lets search a way out:

Don’t blame the food for your gorging

Foodie yumms are splashed all around but one has to control the urge to eat all the time. We know it becomes difficult to deal with the relatives watching down your shoulder at your plate but keep hanging out with a plate till the last swishing your food around in it, this will keep the insistent relatives satiated.

Pick on food the baby way

Babies always love to swish around the food stuffs loaded in their plates but very little creeps into their delicate mouths, that’s the right way to view your plate . Cut out most of the goodies you have put in and chose a few to pop in.

Prepare a meal before you have hunger pangs

Hunger strikes at all times when we are on a holiday. At this time we do not rationalize about the food we eat and generally fried foods and heavy carbs end up our favorite. The food choices make sure we are unable to refuse. But control the urge and focus on the salad greens served, then will help keep the calorie intake down. The calories will also be restricted if one has lots of water to taper down the hunger pangs.

Savor each bite you eat

Don’t just wipe off your food plate in seconds take your time the food is not running away. Take each bite of your favorite meal slowly and steadily.

Up the physical activity

Pick up some physically challenging tasks at the holiday destination. Lug out the beds , air them drag them back if there is nothing to do. If nothing else just trudge up a mountain to move that body a little.

Stick to a proper sleep routine and never give up a meal or else you may eat more when you get the food! Keep these in mind and run off for some fun vacationing.