Relationship problems? Be very careful they can trap you

Scared that your loving house may turn into a battlefield? The rate of divorce is increasing by leaps and bounds. One thing is certain that we can’t learn how to do is make a relationship work in the school or a college; we have to peek into a few things that can streamline personal relationships. Retaining freshness in a romantic relationships is a must so we need to be aware of the insidious beliefs and myths that can lead to relationship problems.

Staying with each other is not a chore

Is the relationship like an ordeal? Do you believe that the relationship is a hard task to complete, then you are bound to be caught under a whirlpool of baggage. You should be able to enjoy a relationship with your partner, it’s not a task. Tend to the companionship as a common goal and make your life together a blissful journey. It takes two to clap remember that!

Apologize when needed

Have you made a mistake? Don’t think that because you are in love you can leave the apologies on the side. Be brave and apologize for your mistake. True love means that you should have the strength to admit that you smudged up bad. You both are in it for thick and thin, good and bad and at all odd times. You may have got off from bed in a fuming temper and your partner may be a witness to it, so go ahead and say that you regret your action and are sorry. Repair the fight my friends and save your relationship.

Fidelity is not for granted

Every person has a few emotional and physical needs. If the relationship lacks physical intimacy and emotional connection then one of the partners may opt for a parallel life and look outwards for some solace without being aware of it. Just the awareness that looking out is possible scares the daylights out of the couple and they work harder to make their marriage work.

Marriage is not a magic pill

Marriage is not a bed of perfect roses, it involves decision making, and has an array of stress factors that creep closer. It’s not a matter of a legal document or a ring on the finger but the decision of a lifetime. Is it possible to be happy only after marriage? No, one can see the coming events that cast their shadows beforehand. Build trust in your relationship and only then should one commit to marriage. Marriage is not a make wonderful marriage pill.’

Outpouring of love a must

Wait a minute; your partner needs to be told that he or she is loved from the heart time and again. Send a few flowers, love notes, text messages, hugs etc., they are the most important things that will assure your partner of your love-commitment. Outpouring of love feelings actually makes your partner feel special and also helps in strengthening the bond you share. Your partner may know that you care but its never too late to say so!