Put off the TV! Don’t yell for this! Read on, to limit ‘TV-watching’

Hoarse yelling out for your kids and they refuse to remove their eyes from the television or the monitor screens? It’s time to limit the kids TV watching; it’s time that they reduce the time they sit wedging in front of the monitor screens and do something more productive.

Results of television watching

Falling grades, school struggles, eating disorders, sleep disturbances, attention hassles,
obesity all may be a result of the whopping number of hours spent in front of the screen. The kids replace the time they can spend playing and exercising with television and computer viewing. The nubile minds get lured by the yummy high-caloried, unhealthy foods that are advertised .

According to the guidelines laid down by the American Academy of Pediatrics the kids need to restrict their TV watching to only about two hours each day and the supervisors need to make sure that the viewing is non-violent and educative. We will not say that it is an easy task to get the kids off their passion for television but we are sure going to try. Be patient and consistent in your efforts and you can taper down the television time.

Go slow reduce a little time

Firstly we have to note whether the kids actually are glued to TV watching or they just having the television on for company as a background noise! The change that we bring into the lives of the kids has to be very gradual. Just cut down about one hour every day and keep the kids involved in other interesting activities. Make them tell their school experiences, encourage them to talk to trim their TV time.

Get the TV out of the kids room

Do you catch your kids constantly watching the TV in their bedrooms? Did you know that the bright screens of the television can rob your child of a relaxed sleep? The computers and televisions produce activity in the kids’ bodies and they do not get the mental rest they deserve. They start to spend a lot many hours sitting wedged in front of the monitors not moving and just munching. This sedentary behavior leads to obesity, so pick up the televisions, unplug them and get them out of the kids’ rooms.

Prepare a schedule with a screen time

Fix a limit, maybe two hours for the television watching and be strict about it. Leave it up to your child what time of the day he wants to take advantage of that time table. There is one thing though- make sure that the child does not watch TV at meal times or one hour before bedtime.

Make sure you don’t interrupt your kid in his “television time”, don’t break your word or spoil his fun. Paul Ballas, DO, a child psychiatrist in Philadelphia, Pa. states that “If kids have a say in the schedule, they’ll be more likely to follow it,” so let them be a part of the routine you set for them.

Get the TV out of mind

The saying “Out of sight, out of mind” works a miracle. As Ballas confirms that covering a TV with a covering works brilliantly when no one is putting it on, she stated “I’ve used this technique with my patients, and it’s basically ‘out of sight, out of mind. If it’s not obviously out in front of them, they’ll be less likely to be drawn to it.” So cover it and wait to remove the cover!