Petrified by the constant baby cough? Learn about ‘first flu’

And you thought that finally the baby has fallen asleep! Have you been hit hard by the tough feeding and sleeping schedule of your little one? Barely had you adjusted to the agonizing “stay-awake” nights and the baby was settling down to a routine, and alas coughs and colds start to ring out in your house. It’s the first flu of the baby, folks, read on for more:

First flu season and immunity

Whenever the baby lands in doldrums because of the dreaded first flu there is not much that one can do. New born babies are born to a certain extent with their mother’s immunity. The breast fed babies show an even increased immunity than seen at birth but the nasty viruses and bacteria still manage to creep into these little baby bodies and there results an infection, so what do we do?

Healthy babies can catch cold up to six times before they turn one year old. The fever, the coughing spells, the mucus dispelled can be a source of discomfort to the child and the parent both but be patient this will help built up immunity in the baby. Just look out for the “scary signs” and treat away”.

Timely Inoculations

It is imperative that the baby gets inoculations on time. These injection jabs may hurt your little baby but are very helpful in the long run as they keep most of the viruses and infections away. It’s the immune system that fails and leads to a low immunity. Feed the baby with pureed colored foods etc. to boost up the immune system. The little babies put everything into their mouths and this leads to infections. Make sure that the things within reach are washed and the floors mopped daily. Well- ventilated rooms are healthy for the child.

Symptoms of the child

Watch out for the worsening of the symptoms in the child. If your baby has been suffering from fever for a few days and his cold/cough has worsened, its time, for medical intervention.

Generally the doctors give an acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce the temperature but refer to a professional before giving the drug yourself. Try to avoid antibiotics till absolutely imperative, have a chat with the pediatrician about this.

Fluids for the baby

The littlest babies need to be fed lots of mother’s milk, while the slightly grown up ones need to be given hot broths, hot soups, or a fruit bar for the energy kick if their teeth are developed. Tepid water and warm juice can also be given to the baby to combat flu.