E-cigs – not a safe alternative anymore!

Do not rush up to switch your regular cigars for e-cigs with nicotine. It might have high levels of toxins, say researchers.

The NYU researchers say that those people who are using e-cigarettes might have high concentrated levels of toxins than the ones who smoke regular cigars as they inhale the e-cigs much deeper and puff frequently. Dr. Deepak Saxena, College of Dentisty, NYU said that though these e-cigs are often touted as the safest alternative for regular cigars, they have not been in use for long periods as they were just introduced in the year 2007 at the United States. He also added that they did not have any significant data that supported the fact that such concentrated form of nicotine is safe to use. Dr. Saxena is also an associate professor who handles basic science and craniofacial biology.

Generally, each e-cig consists of a nicotine cartridge that can offer 200 to 400 puffs that is equal to 2 to 3 packs of regular cigar. Saxena also expressed his opinion that e-cigs that can offer nicotine in the form of vapor needs to be considered for study owing to its surging popularity in the recent times. This is because these e-cigs are designed specifically for new smokers who can be the new generation.

The City council is now analyzing the options to place several restrictions on e-cigs, which are already there for regular cigars. Former tobacco smokers are against it as they feel these devices known as electronic cigarettes have helped them overcome the habit of puffing tobacco based cigars. Saxena said that people are of the opinion that they are smoking and are happy with that addiction. However, the overall issue is that if you wish to come out of the addiction, chances are that you become more addicted to it.