SmartCARD: This new smartphone app reads cholesterol levels rapidly!

If you are concerns about the HDL and LDL levels in your bloodstream, there is no need to make frequent trips to your pathologist. Just have an iPhone along with the latest accessory smartCARD or the Smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics. When you have this special app installed on your smartphone, it is ready to carry on all the analysis and would reveal you the results on the levels of cholesterol in your blood within a minute’s time. One thing that you would know without saying is that you can save good amount of money in the long run.

Though there are many DIY cholesterol tests available in the market these days, this is the first time your iPhone or any other smartphone device would do it for you! With the excellent ability of the scientists of Cornell University who are the masterminds behind the engineering of this accessory, this device offers an impressive performance.

To test your cholesterol levels in your body, the smartCARD needs a small drop of your blood that has to be placed on the special test strip which is then attached to the device of your phone. The built in flash feature on your device would make the strip to illuminate immediately that would enable the camera to capture its image immediately. This special app can perform an image analysis, also known as colorimetric analysis, that would determine the cholesterol levels in the blood and offer you the readings within a few seconds time that is accurate. Within a minute’s time, you will have access to your blood test reports to know your cholesterol levels!

The scientists who have developed this smartCARD said that this accessory is all set to make its commercial launch in its present form. However you will have to remember that the app will not tell you about the details regarding which is the good and bad cholesterol in the results. David Erickson, lead scientist said that the experts are working on making the app a better one in order to make it differentiate between good and bad cholesterol and have a team attending to it.