Plagued by the dreaded flu? Fight it with the right foods

Remember the old saying “feed the cold starve the fever”? The most astonishing thing nowadays is that the flu symptoms have fever and cold that come together as a package. This shoves the poor sufferers into doldrums and wondering if there are some “flu-bettering” foods.

Are there any specific foods to eat when you have flu? Well, we have a few surprises in store for you, proper nutrition can enhance immunity and help battle the symptoms of flu in a better way. So read on for food-related flu remedies. The vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, nutrients etc help the body fight infections quickly; we must add them to our diet.

A fresh fruit juice Popsicle

Need to balm a sore and dry throat? It may sound strange but a fresh fruit juice ice popsicle keeps the throat soothed, the body hydrated and thin the mucus content. This is a safe way of gathering vital nutrients and keeping congestion at bay. So make the choice –freeze apple, strawberry or grape juice.

Lean protein from turkey

Roast turkey is yummy and is a solid lean protein diet full of nutrition that can combat illness. To make it even more tasteful add a splash of cranberry sauce.

Chicken soup

The old wives tale insists that chicken soup is therapeutic in flu and has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have confirmed that chicken soup stimulates the nasal cilia activity thus providing a shield to the body from viruses and bacteria.

Garlic and Ginger

Add a garlic pod to your soup. It not only adds to the flavor but also has immune-stimulating and antimicrobial properties. If the flu is accompanied by nausea and stomach ache then take powdered or freshly grated ginger. Ginger can also be added to hot water along with tea leaves to soothe the throat. The tea leaves also have anti oxidants that can fight diseases. Even a few drops of lemon and honey added to the tea leaves water, will work wonders. Make your own concoction of tea to cure the raging flu.

Mixed vegetable juice

Don’t feel like eating a fresh veggie salad in flu? Put all the veggies together with some garlic , tomatoes and onions and make a rich vegetable soup with your favorite seasonings. Slurp it to soothe the aching throat. The list of healthy foods known to help in treating the flu also include berries, turmeric, broccoli, black pepper, spinach, straw berries etc.

The soothing banana

A banana consumed in mashed, or whole form is very soothing to the throat and the stomach. It is also loaded on the essential nutrients, putting it in the full meal category so go for it and satiate the starved body.