What makes females crankier in the morning?

Fed up with your wife’s petulant and grumpy behavior in the mornings? Well it’s not her nature but her gender that plays havoc, researchers say.

According to the researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, there is a scientific backing to why women are crankier than men in the morning.

As per the law of nature, women require more sleep than men. Optimum sleep helps rejuvenate human body both mentally and physically. But circumstances and odds don’t permit females to get the required levels. High stress levels and lack of sleep fuel behavioral changes in the fairer gender, researchers say.

Sleep-deprived women are at higher risk of developing other diseases as well. Both mental and physical stress put them at higher risk of developing heart disease, depression, psychological problems, and strokes.

For the purpose of the study, the researchers measured the levels of inflammation markers in the blood of study subjects, including both men and women, and found that women have higher inflammation markers than men.

Furthermore, stressed out and sleep deprived women had levels of inflammation markers much higher than their relaxed and well-slept counterparts. High levels of inflammation markers make women more sensitive to pain, researchers explained.

The researchers also found that sleep-deprived women were more depressed, angry and hostile early in the morning as compared to women who slept well.

On the contrary, levels of inflammation markers remained stable for men despite their levels of sleep, suggesting that a man’s health is not impacted by the duration of shut eye he gets.