5 quick weight loss tips

Fed up of the depositing cellulite and the adding calories? The most frustrating situation is when you starve yourself for days but the weighing scale still screams out your increasing weight. It’s a “no-win” situation and one loses heart as the exercise and the healthy “diet” eating seems to have failed in the “weight-loss” endeavor, let’s get you some quick and effective tips to lose weight :

Catch up on your beauty sleep

Research shows that people who sleep about 8 hours lose more fat than the ones who sleep for 5 -6 hours a night, though the weight loss remains the same. The sleep deprived group shed more muscle, so for a lean and fat free body sleep well.

Say yes to fermented foods

Grab a homemade yogurt, kimchi, kombuscha, homemade sauerkraut or miso etc as they are loaded on good bacteria. The probiotics have good bacteria and are the gut savers. They help in triggering the activity of the immune system. They help in keep away the allergies, arthritic conditions and colds too.

The most surprising thing is that they help shove the toxins collected in the body away too. If these important functions are not taking place and the medical conditions exist then the body tends to put on weight. Try to stick to the home made ferments but if they are not available then the probiotic bottle at the shop will do the trick.

A study mentioned in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, confirms that “people who consumed fermented milk products (yogurt, kefir, lassi) for 12 weeks, showed a 4.6 % reduction in abdominal fat. It’s not an enormous number, but it’s nothing to roll your eyes at either,” say the experts.

Stop the bite nibble at 6 PM

It’s a well known fact that the digestive system’s function reduces after we lie down. The rest pose of the body slows down the release of the enzymes in the digestive tract and thus the metabolic activity of the body reduces considerably. Sleeping on a heavy meal results in fat deposits and also gives one a feeling of “ I wish I had not eaten that much” feeling. The bloated feeling does not give a comfortable sleep. The early hour meal will make sure the food gets properly digested.

Delay the breakfast timings

Infrequent hogging, spacing out and going without a bite for short periods and intermittent fasting actually elevate HGH, the human growth hormone. After 25 years of age, high levels of HGH helps in fat reduction and augmenting lean muscle mass.

Drink the elixir of life-water

Water is ideal to flush away the toxins gathered in the body and also helps keep the hunger away. So do not splurge on the fresh smoothies, fresh juice, coffee drinks, hot teas etc rather pick up a glassful of plain water whenever you get an opportunity.

Exercise to boost up the HGH and take a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. Don’t forget to smile, you are going to lose weight soon, trust us!