Benefits of good night’s sleep; How to get one

Pressures to keep up with the daily demands are galore and one invariably skimps on sleep to keep all in place. But missing on sleep affects both mental and physical health. A good night’s sleep not only rejuvenates and energizes the body, it’s vital for the overall well-being.

Benefits of a good night’s sleep
Having slept well cleanses the whole body system. Good night’s sleep aids in cell repairing process and perks up the immune system.

Adequate sleep is the key to a healthy life.
Sleep deprived people are more likely to suffer from a range of other problems. Chronic sleep deprivation is known to fuel colds and flu, diabetes, heart disease, mental health, and even obesity.

A good night’s sleep boosts brain functions and improves memory. It spurs creativity and enhances logical reasoning. It consolidates memories, making them stronger. It also helps increase life span.

People who sleep well during the night experience less daytime fatigue and have more stamina. They have greater attention spans and are less likely to be hyperactive and impulsive.

Tips to get a better sleep

Set your body clock:Hitting the bed at the same time every night is the most crucial factor for ensuring a good night’s sleep. Getting up at the same time the next morning is also equally important.

Cut caffeine and alcohol:Avoid abusing alcohol and caffeine before bedtime as they are bound to disturb sleep.

Cut the blue light:Reduce screen time in the hours before going to bed. Gadgets like television, laptops and smartphones emit blue lights. The short waves of blue light are known to interfere with sleep.

Avoid afternoon nap:If you are a trouble sleeper, avoiding afternoon nap can be helpful.

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise improves sleep quality. But timing it right is equally important. While gentle mind and body relaxation exercises are fine just before sleep, vigorous work-outs should be scheduled 3-4 hours before hitting bed.

Take a healthy, light nighttime meal: Avoiding heavy and big night meals is important and finishing the meal at least an hour before bed is the key to a good night’s sleep.