Top tips to increase your everyday intake of water

Several studies say that an increase in intake of water would cause a decrease in your body fat deposits and hence it is essential for you to increase your intake of water everyday.

Follow these simple tips to increase your daily water intake even if you are not thirsty:

• Start your day with a glass of hot water topped with a slice of freshly cut lemon. This would help you flush out toxins effectively.

• Lower the consumption of caffeine filled drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol as they are diuretics in nature and cause your body to lose lots of water. Instead, gulp down purified water even if it is chilled, to stay hydrated and fresh.

• Make sure you are always nearer to water, as it would help you have a sip every now and then. Try carrying a bottle of mineral water in your purse or gym bag or have a bottle of water at your work desk, and be sure to refill it regularly.

• If you are yearning for a cup of hot beverage like the tea or coffee, try drinking warm water to satiate your cravings.

• Consume fruits and vegetables that have lots of water content such as watermelon, oranges, and tomatoes. These food will definitely add significant amounts of water to your daily water intake.

• Have a water drinking schedule to stay fully hydrated such as having a glass of water after you wake up, half an hour before, during and after every meal and before you hit the bed.

• Try to drink a glass of water before 10 minutes of your mealtime as it will help in faster digestion.

• Remember to drink water before going for a bath as it would prevent you from getting over heated and would also lower your blood pressure levels.

• When you drink a glass of water before sleeping time it would aid in skin repair as you snooze and also keep your body from becoming dehydrated.

• If you find drinking water is too boring, spice it up with few bits of cucumber or mint sprigs to it to pamper your taste buds.

• Make a water card-just like a coffee card- and cross of the box each time you drink a glass of water.