10 foods you should never eat for breakfast

If you wish to stay healthy and have an aim to shed some pounds then you have to make sure that the first bite you take each morning known as breakfast is healthier. Eating a healthy breakfast would help you lower the risks of certain diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Make sure you don’t gorge down on these foods everyday morning and stay away from the same.

1. Bagels
With low fiber content and high glycemic index, bagels can offer nothing in terms of nutrients and is a high calorie food item. Though there are whole wheat or full grain versions available, the spreads and creams on it would make it offer 500 calories a day.

2. Granola
Granola is often touted as a healthy food but it is high in sugar content and calories, thanks to the sugar, honey and corn syrup you drench it with. If you plan to get into good shape then this food is not for your breakfast

3. Pancakes
This dish is also a high calorie one with a whopping glycemic index. Don’t forget the extra calories you will dig in with the toppings of cream, honey and corn syrup.

4. Pastries
If you love to have desserts for breakfast, refrain from doing so. Many have the habit of eating pastries with jelly filling, donuts, croissants, éclairs, croissants etc. for their breakfast. However they make a bad choice as the simple sugar and wheat feature high GI and is a worse one as the first food for the day. Choose high fiber natural foods such a simple seasonal fruit or oatmeal instead.

5. Juice
Juices made from fresh fruits would have been a good idea but not anymore. Juices made from whole fruits tend to have less fiber content owing to straining the pulp. Also this can elevate your sugar levels in blood as you will be drinking the juice of 5 apples or more in one go. Eat the fruit by chopping into pieces, slices or as a whole as your breakfast.

6. Sausages or cold cuts
These high processed meats are rich in sodium content. These foods are rich in fat and calories and also have nitrates that can trigger cancer. These foods can also cause heart issues.

7. Muffins
Muffins are so called healthy food that has low fiber, even if they boast of bran made ones. They also have loads of sugar and high GI which explains why it is on this list.

8. Protein shakes
Your body is not designed for liquid foods and hence the sugar levels can plummet everyday. This is nothing but a glorified milkshake that should be taken everyday if you are body conscious.

9. Cereals from the box
All those cold cereals from the box even the whole wheat versions are a complete no no for the breakfast. With added preservatives and corn syrups that are added to the high GI cereals, it can spike your blood glucose levels.

10. Instant oatmeal
Instant oatmeal is refined and which means it would cook much faster and has lots of fiber removed from it. Go for the old fashioned oatmeal to enjoy the real benefits.