Expecting a bundle of joy? Scale back on these risky activities for a safe pregnancy!

Upon seeing that little pink plus sign, when a woman discovers she has conceived there is excitement and anticipation for the upcoming bundle of joy. Now that you know you’re pregnant, what to do?

Granted pregnancy is the miracle of life, a joyous experience but is it reason enough to ditch housework and prop your feet up huh?

Medics recommend expectant moms to stay physically active and lead a normal lifestyle without over exertion unless the pregnancy is high risk. However, there are certain activities that are risky and can be detrimental to the health of the fetus and should be eliminated when women are carrying.

Though the fair sex is by and large tough, the fetus growing inside them is not. There are some mundane things women need to give up to have a safe and smooth pregnancy.

High Heels

For some women, wearing high heels during pregnancy is a fashion statement! Expectant moms are not prohibited from strutting around in high heels, but are they really worth the discomfort and the risk? The heels concentrate the redistribution of body weight during pregnancy at one point on your feet which can lead to stumbles and falls. Lower back muscles are also affected if you wear heels during pregnancy leading to pain and strain.

Carrying Your Toddler

Experts generally advise against picking up heavy stuff when pregnant. If you have a chubby toddler (more than 5 kgs) carrying him/her all the time is not such a good idea as it might put pressure on your back and placenta.

Rollers Skates

Women should avoid roller skate for physical fitness when pregnant as this mode of exercise elevates the risk of injury from falls. Moreover, with the change in the centre of gravity during pregnancy women may lose their usual dexterity and sense of balance.


A woman heavy with a child may find a steam bath or sauna a great way to ease muscle aches related with pregnancy. Using saunas for relaxation and pain relief is not a good idea as they can cause hyperthermia which is abnormally high body temperature. Studies have established that a body temperature of 101º F can pose potential risks to babies during pregnancy.

Vigorous exercise

Though it is important to follow a regular physical regimen when you are pregnant, it is advised to slow down the intensity of your work out routine. Exercising too hard raises heart rate of expectant moms which in turn decreases the blood supply to the placenta. Moreover, there is also the danger of blood pressure spiking.

Donating blood

Donating blood during pregnancy comes with no adverse effects but it can drain iron from your body, hence WHO rules prohibit moms-to-be from making a blood contribution.

Other activities

Pregnant women should refrain from enjoying roller coaster rides at amusement parks, horse riding, attending rock concerts (because of deafening noise and surging crowds). They should also protect themselves from infectious disease (chicken pox, dengue, viral fever) and pass up on moving heavy furniture around the house.