7 Beauty myths busted!

Accept it or not, but the fact is that we all run in a race to look better day-by-day. Not only women but men too largely have come out in open and have shed their inhibitions. In a bid to look good, a larger chunk of them visits beauty parlour on regular basis. Despite this, there have been existing quite a few beauty myths since a long time, which need to be busted.

Here are 7 beauty myths that have long persisted.

SPF foundation protects your skin from UV radiations
Well, the fact is pigments present in the SPF foundation do not completely block the harmful UV (ultra-violet) radiations from affecting your skin and thence, if you are going out in the sun, make sure that you wear sunscreen that includes SPF before applying the make-up.

Trimming helps your hair grow faster
This has been one of the most common and persistent myths hitherto. If you thought that a regular trimming of your hair would make them grow quickly, you can be wrong. Hair grows from the roots and so if you trim your hair, it really won’t make a difference, except that you will definitely get rid of dirty, dried out hair and split-ends.

Shaving paves way for a thicker growth of hair
If you thought shaving your legs or arms would make the hair growth thick, you need to rethink! Usually when hair is shaved using a razor, it is the blunt end of the hair that is cut or trimmed; and after wax, hair grow again naturally and there’s no blunt end that’s cut, and so you don’t feel it. But the reality is same. Hair growth is exactly the same, whether they are shaved or they are waxed.

One grey hair plucked can result into 10 grey hair
This myth still persists in our society, but luckily, this is not true. A strand turns grey/white due to loss of pigmentation, and so, whether it is a grey hair shining on your head or a black one – none of it if plucked will result into growth of 10 more hair of the same colour. However, be informed that plucking your hair frequently can damage the root.

For soft hair, comb your hair as many times possible in a day
No! If you brush too often, you might as well increase the chances of falling hair. You should untangle your hair but not over comb it. For soft hair, you can always apply conditioner or serum on hair.

Nail paint can turn your nails yellow in colour
Nails absorb the pigmentation present in nail polishes, and hence, avoid wearing dark nail paints. If at all you are to apply dark nail polish, apply a coat of transparent nail paint on your nails post which you can apply dark colour. This way, your nails will not absorb the pigmentation of dark nail paints.

Have oily skin? Wash your face thoroughly!
False! Washing your face again and again will take away essential oil from your skin and will make it look dry. Stripping oily skin with drying ingredients such as alcohol will actually trigger an overproduction of oil, finally leading to acne.