Health Benefits of Broccoli: 10 Reasons why it is good for you!

Love it or deplore it, but don’t underestimate the power of broccoli! Health benefits of Broccoli are widely known. A good source of dietary fibre, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, folate and beta carotene, broccoli is a nutrition wonder that is good for you!

Broccoli belongs to the brassica family and is closely related to the cabbage. Cultivated originally in Italy, the vegetable has a distinct appearance with heads made up of tightly packed blue-green to green flower buds, clumped together like trees on a stalk.

Broccoli is usually steamed or boiled but the veggie can also be eaten raw. It can be made into sauce, added to soups or even stir fried.

Broccoli, touted as one of nature””s most valuable health-promoting foods is capable of preventing a number of health issues. Here are a few reasons why broccoli should be an essential part of your diet.

The green veggie contains a compound called sulphoraphane, a natural anti-cancer agent which may be a potent tool to combat many types of malignancies, including that of a breast, uterus, prostate and cancers of internal organs like lungs, colon, liver, kidneys and of intestines.

Research has established that sulphoraphane found in broccoli can help prevent skin damage from sunburn. The compound slashes inflammation caused by the UV rays of the sun and thereby prevents skin cell damage, which in turn cuts the risk of skin cancer.

3.Weight loss
Though a rich source of essential nutrients, broccoli is very low in calories and can aid those wanting to shift pounds. In addition, it helps you remain satiated for longer period and prevents binge eating, which in turn helps in healthy weight loss.

Vitamin-C, sulphur and certain amino acids found in broccoli make it a very good detoxifier. It removes free radicals and flushes out toxins from the body thereby purifying blood and warding off problems like boils, rashes, arthritis, renal calculi, eczema and hardening of skin etc.

5.Heart diseases
Enriched with high fiber content, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins, broccoli helps lower bad cholesterol and thwarts the risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular problems, stroke and hypertension.

If suffering from constipation, eat broccoli. The veggie contains rich fibers that can help regulate the movement of bowels. For best results eat broccoli raw or as a salad so that none of its nutrients is lost. Broccoli juice consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is a good remedy for constipation.

Studies show that broccoli is good for arthritis. Sulforaphane content helps in blocking the enzymes that cause the destruction of joints in arthritis. The compound also works wonders in slowing down and preventing the development of arthritis. Broccoli also contains salicylic acid that alleviates joint pain caused in arthritis.

Vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals, selenium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, which confer the green and purple color of broccoli boost immunity and shield from various infections.

Broccoli intake is great for diabetes. It is a rich source of chromium that helps in regulating blood sugar and insulin.

Deficiency of iron and certain proteins is linked to anemia. Broccoli is enriched with both hence is a great remedy for anemia.

Edited by Neelam Goswami on 28-02-2014.