Desire uninhibited sexual intercourse? Glance through methods of male contraception

Don’t want a child with your partner right away? Guys, it””s time you take control and rule your personal life with some effective contraception. There may be lesser number of options available for the males but they can surely take on the responsibility for contraception.

There is no method of contraception that is 100 percent fool proof so it is better to take double protection at all times. The best way is to go for male and female contraception. We have listed a few common methods of contraception for males in our section today and will deal with the female contraceptive methods in the next session:


This is a time tested and most popular method of contraception in males. Condoms are sheaths that are made out of polyurethane or latex and they are used to cover the erect penis. Generally the condoms when used in a proper manner are about 98% effective, but they have to be used each time one has sexual intercourse.

They need to be slipped on before the act and may not be very comfortable for the men during intercourse, but its advantages are more than the disadvantages. Condoms are widely available, and are found in many sizes and different varieties. They are an inexpensive forms of contraception that also provides protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms are probably the only way to protect yourself against the diseases that can be transmitted sexually.

The withdrawal method

This method is about 96% effective and when used properly can make sure that pregnancy is kept at bay. This method is for free and can be used anytime as a man pulls out the penis from the female’s vagina before ejaculating. This is an effective method but one has to make sure to pull back in time. The method also does not provide any protection from the sexually transmitted diseases and is also shown to have a 20% rate of failure.


The sperms travel through a tube called the vas deferens and vasectomy involves the removal of this tube. This procedure has to be performed surgically and is a permanent method of contraception that is almost 99% effective. Make up your mind permanently that you don’t want a child in future as this surgical method is not easily reversible. Vasectomy does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and is an expensive form of male contraception.

Condoms are the best way of retaining fertility and also adhering to a reliable birth control method. An added attraction is the protection the condoms provide against sexually transmitted diseases. There are other male contraception methods that are under testing, but they still have to be introduced. Till then go for the traditional options and watch out this space for more.