Crack open the coconut! The hairy hunk packs a powerful nutritional punch!

Coconuts have a very interesting history! It got its name from early Spanish explorers who called it Coco which meant ‘monkey face’. The reference came forth because coconuts have three indentations or eyes on the hairy nut that bears a close resemblance to the face of a monkey.

The Pacific Islanders believed that this little brown fruit was the cure for all illnesses. No wonder it was called the ‘Tree of life’. Have it as a fruit, consume its oil or enjoy a refreshing drink of coconut water, this is one fruit that possesses healing properties that will surpass your wildest beliefs.

Improves immunity
Coconuts are excellent for the body’s immunity. They have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties that kill bacteria and help treat and avert problems like influenza, urinary tract infections, giardia, bronchitis, lice, tapeworms, herpes, gonorrhea, among other ailments. Consume raw, butter, milk or in oil form, coconut will strengthen you from inside out.

Heart healthy
Coconuts provide short and medium chain fatty acids that are crucial to good health. Unlike long-chain fatty acids, coconuts have no negative effect on cholesterol ratios thus help to slash the threat of atherosclerosis and protect against heart disease. Proof of this is the locals of Polynesia and Sri Lanka who do not suffer from any heart disease because of a high coconut intake.

Rich in mineral & vitamins
Coconut milk is a rich source of vitamin B that provides energy to the cells. Coconut milk is also enriched with iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Magnesium is vital for many biochemical functions in the body, including normalizing the heart’s rhythm and props up the function of nerve cells. Potassium takes care of heart tissues, kidneys, brain and muscles. Phosphorus keeps teeth and bones strong while iron creates red blood cells and supplies oxygen all through the body. Just drink a glass or two of coconut milk daily or combine it with your cereal and baked goods to receive these essential benefits.

Good for diabetics
Coconuts are great for diabetics because they reduce sweet craving, improve insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose. The healthy fat in coconut cuts any spike in blood sugar and helps to reduce hypoglycemic cravings.

Coconuts prevent free radical damage which is associated with several diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Antioxidants can help overturn previous impairment and delay the aging process. Drink a glass of coconut milk to restore the damaged cells in your body. Coconuts are also known to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

High in dietary fiber
Coconuts can rival wheat bran and oats as a fiber source. They can provide up to 61% dietary fiber for the body. To cap matters, since the body cannot digest the dietary fiber in coconut it sans calories and so has no effect on blood sugar.

Quick energy boost
Need an extra boost of energy? Grab some coconuts. The body uses coconuts to generate energy and not accumulate it as body fat. It boosts endurance during physical and athletic performance and also prevents chronic fatigue.