Beat the obesity bug in your kids the ‘MedGuru’ way

Is your child wedged in front of the television the whole day, gobbling away and adding on the calories? They may end up being obese and need to be checked on time. Just a few life style changes and behavior and diet modifications will halt the growth of this scary epidemic called “obesity” in children, so do your bit and read on these ways put forward by The MedGuru to prevent childhood obesity:

Get up to exercise

Tip the weighing scales back, head to the courtyard or the garden for some energetic family fun. This will halt the struggle the kids face against the weighty obesity. The strenuous activities in the yard can help one burn a huge amount of calories. Mow the lawn, or work with the flowers. If that’s not your choice then hit the track for a jog or pick up some weights, involve your kids in the gym, then will feel great aping you. Vigorous exercise of about 225 minutes every week works wonders on the weight. Introduce activities that mean moving about the house and arrange the kids schedule with some physical activity.

Careful snacking

Its almost impossible to resist the yummy chips and french fries but try to get your child to grab a boiled veggie with a dip. Taste of the cucumber and carrots can be enhanced by complementing them with a yogurt dip made at home. The right snacks make a lot of difference, as they are healthy and help keep the weight under control.

Never skip breakfast

Check out the cereal labels and grab the box with the minimum sugar. Another thing is never let the breakfast go as it can help you keep the weight under control. Opt for whole grain bread and a yogurt spread for your breakfast, rather skipping a breakfast makes one irritable.

Reduce television watching

Are your kids sedentary most of the time watching television? Then, it’s time to reduce the television hours. Video games, internet on the computers and interesting colorful TV programs can enamor a young child to no end and they tend to sit crashed out in front of the monitors with their eyes glued to the screens. This not only leads to snacking, less of study hours and an increase in weight. Kids who watch a lot of television are known to be overweight according to the statistics.

Drink water not colas

The fizzy colas may satisfy your palate but there is nothing better than a glassful of water. The colas and juices contain high quantities of sugar and do nothing but add to the intake of calories. Go for the zero calorie water. The removal of drinks containing sugar can help in the reduction of calorie intake of your child.

Sleep well

Proper sleep helps you burn some calories. An eight hour sleep can help you get rid of 350 calories. Chances of being overweight increase when one grabs lesser hours of sleep at night. Experts state that “For every additional hour of sleep a child gets, the risk of becoming overweight or obese decreases by 9 percent.”

Lastly eat together as a family as this reduces obesity. Family elders opt out for healthy vegetable laden meals that are less on the fried stuffs. Make sure that your child chooses a fruit daily and focuses on the health factor. Make the kids become aware of their bodies and focus on increasing their self esteem. This will ensure that they develop a love of their looks and stay away from “calorie-rich” foods. If nothing else pull your kid to the shopping mall and shop away, dragging him from one corner to the another.

Edited By Neelam Goswami on 13-03-2014.